The Basic Elements Found in Every Good Father of the Bride speech

Published: 06th June 2008
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If you want to learn how to take the elements in my previous article and put them together to form the perfect outline Father of the Bride speech then this article was written for you. Specifically we'll discuss the introduction and welcome, the dedication and toast and putting it all together. After reading this article you'll be able to go away and complete your draft wedding speech, ready for the next stage.

First of all the introduction and welcome; thank the guests for celebrating your daughter's wedding and mention anyone who has traveled far especially to be there on the day. Also, if you didn't pay for the wedding, or other people contributed towards the cost you should thank them too. Finally say something about the big day, injecting warmth and humor if appropriate and it suits you.

Following the introduction you should talk about your daughter, your new son in law and a general section about marriage and whatever else you choose. See the previous article for information on this, but the main thrust of your speech is your pride in your daughter, how happy you are for her to be marrying such a fine man and what you gained from your own marriage.

At the end you should wish the bride a groom success and happiness and propose a toast. Say something like "I wish the bride and groom [out their names in here] a very happy marriage and success in all aspects of their lives. Please be upstanding for the bride and groom". You see you don't need to actually say very much if you don't want to, it's a question of what you convey and heartfelt words will win over an overlong speech any day.

Hopefully you can see how straightforward it is to draft a successful wedding speech by putting just a little thought into the content. Since the structure is pretty much defined by tradition you don't even need to think about this aspect. With your brainstorming for content you'll quickly be able to write a complete first draft and ready to move on a polish your speech to fit you perfectly. If you found this article about father of the bride wedding speeches to be useful you may like to read more at

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